Building Self Existency…..

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cover-448Dear Beloved Friends…

We always cheers up when someone address our nickname in the best way that we love to have, because we believe that by doing so, we are respecting the human existency within his own reality. Existency, means having objective reality, objective that require us to complete series of learning process of becoming before our being are recognized by fellow human. Through this learning process, we are in progress of creating an image within others perception on how we want to be commerate in their minds, and hoping that it will become a legacy for generation to comes.

As long as in the history of mankind, human existance will always be jugde by his fellow human. For the moslem, their existancy are jugde by how deep is their love to his brothers and sister in faith. Do we felt humiliated by how Israeli treated our fellow moslems in Gaza ? Do we hold ourself accountable for standing in silent majority ? This might explain why Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, left the dicussion in Davos Philippine with anger, becauce his existency as Moslem are attacked by injust moderator whose giving him shorter time to speech than Israeli President, Shimon Peres on the discussion of previous Israeli Aggression to Gaza Strip. Tayyib Erdogan felt agony when the audience are giving standing applause after Shimon Peres explained Israelian Defence Force brutally massacre civilians, mostly mothers and children, as self defence. Tayyib Erdogan’s act will forever remain a bold statement to his existance as a moslem within others perception. In order to be written in the history of man kind, an action as a simbolic representation of human existency, must be phenomenal. Such action needs careful planning and strong will before we create it to happen, otherwise it will pass along with the dust of civilization.

This Rumah Lentera edition capture those spirit, the spirit to great action, the spirit to stated the new standard of health service for mothers, primerly for those whose been hindered within financial incapacity to benefit from her primary rights, to live a healthy life.

Last 2008, Free Maternity Program has been able to provide service for its 1.884 member, with 1,539 successful birthing process. Still in our record, we happy to able to provide Pregnancy Check Up : 12,842 times, Post Natal Check Up : 1,075 times, Birth Control Service : 4618 times, Basic Vaccination Service : 7,102 baby and child, Free Circumission : 896 children and Basic Medical Check Up : 29,535. And it’s all free.

This is our momentum to write down our own history, to leave a legacy for future generation. We are hold accountable to triumph moslem civilization. Let our deed sparks new hope to ignite the burning flame of our existency, as a solid prove the we can march harmoniously in moslem community, as we breath in the air of solidarity, sincerity, and hold our professionalism true.

(excerpt from Rumah Lentera, Vol 4, Issue 31, 2009)


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