Implementation Report : MAA-WW-090122-Cirebon

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Blok Muara Wetan RT 01 RW 05

Muara Village Sub district Suranenggala, Cirebon, West Java


Why we choose this village ?

Dusun Muara Wetan is one of dusun in Muara Village that clean water crisis, furthermore in dry season. Although there is a clean water installation by government, but some of people can`t access that, because of economic limited. To fulfill need of clean water, people look for from farm and river. Now, with water well and pump installing there, all of people be able to access clean water easily.

In RT 02 RW 10 there are a well that exploited by citizen for everyday. The well located beside a Mushalla, it also be exploited for wudhu. But the condition of well is bad, it is because of smell. Although frequently cleaned by the citizen but it still bad. Beside of that there is no facilities such as bathroom and place for wudhu. But there is no choice for the citizen, that is the only one water source reached, so they use it. There also no boundary fence for Mushalla and the well although a lot of animal which like to throw away dirt promiscuously. So in this project beside we build of water well but added by fence for keep cleaning of location. RT 02 RW 10 Suket Duwur consist of 64 KK (Family). Total 239 soul consist of 122 men and 117 woman Majority have occupation as farmer and fisherman with income approximately Rp.400.000 per month.


What we do ?

√ Drilling the water well

√ Preparing new torn

√ Installing new pump


Benefit for the community

The advantages of benefit receiver from the making of water well is :

1. The villagers have a hygienic water facility which can be use weather in a rain season or dry season.

2. The villagers will not lack of water weather for taking a bath, wudhu, washing and for daily cooking everyday.

The villagers will be help by the water well near them


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